Classes for men, women and kids
"Jiu Jitsu, like nature, is all about the conservation of energy. In Jiu Jitsu ‘efficiency’ means using only as little strength and power as is required to accomplish your objectives. It means economy of motion – eliminating wasted movements and effort. Jiu Jitsu is learning to flow. Flow with an opponent, flow with life. It is learning to be like water and not resist, not be in opposition. It is an endlessly fascinating practice of becoming more and more effortlessly efficient with our bodies and minds. Strength, power and athleticism cannot overcome the skills and indomitable spirit of the student who has dedicated him or herself to the gentle art."

SOLFLO Jiu Jitsu - Available to All Levels

The Core Curriculum is designed to create a solid foundation of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu through basic BJJ theory, technique and principles. Classes incorporates warm up drills to help students internalize the body movements behind the techniques they are learning. Techniques are introduced in depth by the instructor with a chance for drilling and questions. Students may also do some “positional sparring” in order to further understand the techniques.

"You never outgrow the basics."

SOLFLO Jiu Jitsu Level 2

Available to 2 stripe White Belts and above

A continued exploration of BJJ theory, principles, technique, and body mechanics. Students have a chance to spar and drill with other students at different belt levels. Here students begin to deepen their physical understanding of the art.

"The more I train the luckier I get." - Renzo Gracie

SOLFLO Jiu Jitsu Path To Blackbelt

Available to Qualified Students

The refinement of fundamental and intermediate skills. The evolution to black belt continues with emphasis on a more detailed understanding of strategy, timing, position, transitions, defense and submissions.

"The artist should always be the student."

Top 5 Reasons to Train BJJ

1. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is truly effective self defense.
BJJ is a martial arts system based on leverage and is designed so that a smaller, less athletic person can defeat a larger and stronger opponent. Furthermore, BJJ allows one to control an attacker without doing damage or to control the level of damage. That’s why it is a very practical form of self defense for kids and young adults. The ability to defeat an aggressor without hurting them badly is a great skill.

2. BJJ is one of the very best ways to get and stay in “fight fit” shape.
Most people don’t stay with their exercise routines because they get bored. This will NEVER happen with BJJ! Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is working out with a purpose because you are always learning and refining your knowledge. Grappling is one of the most demanding forms of exercise so you burn calories and melt fat like butter. Everyone knows that fighters are the most fit people on the planet – just turn on the UFC and watch an MMA match. BJJ will develop your speed, endurance, flexibility, and strength in ways you never imagined – it really is the secret “fountain of youth”

3. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at SOLFLO Jiu Jitsu is a team, a community and a family.
One of the best aspects of training is the camaraderie that you get. Unlike regular gyms, learning martial arts at SOLFLO is very rewarding because of the friendships you make. You sweat together, push each other and learn from each other and the results are very powerful.

4. BJJ is a lifetime sport. From age 4 to 84 everyone can enjoy and benefit from training BJJ.
SOLFLO Jiu Jitsu is a safe, clean and family friendly atmosphere. Instructors assure that everyone takes care of each other on the mat so you can train hard and get in great shape without undue risk of injury. What other sport offers that?

5. BJJ makes you better at everything else you do.
The confidence that you gain from training BJJ spills over into every other part of your life. For kids it means the ability to stand up to bullies, get better grades or perform at a higher level in other sports. For women it means knowing you can defend yourself, having more ability to be open in your relationships or succeeding in business. For men, BJJ makes you more athletic, look and feel better and helps you know that, when it really is necessary, you can protect your family or yourself.




Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at SOLFLO Jiu Jitsu in Layette, CO