Hi Ryan and Erica,

Blaine Lyon's mom here. I've been meaning to write for several weeks now to tell you about our experience thus far but haven't had a moment.

My husband did BJJ in Austin when we lived there and enjoys MMA very much. We moved to CO two years ago and he hasn't been able to get back into it due to his job demands but when Scott started talking about your facility at church we thought that Blaine might benefit from BJJ, so we headed over for the intro offer. I'm so glad we did.

I have never been as impressed with a program as I am with yours. Blaine has played soccer, done gymnastics, rock climbing, basketball, etc... and he has done numerous camps but the attention and focus you give these kids is remarkable and I just wanted to commend you. I admit that I don't know the first thing about MMA or BJJ but what you're teaching Blaine goes beyond learning technical moves and I am grateful for that. Ryan, the way you speak to the kids and demand their respect is awesome and the class structure keeps them engaged and having fun. Not to mention they get a great workout. Erica, you are so patient and encouraging with all of the kids and I love that you team up to teach them together.

Blaine is our oldest and an amazing boy. He is a natural born athlete with a sensitive heart. He loves to read and is wicked smart. But, without going into too much detail, he also has struggles that many children won't face ever. He has diagnosed disabilities that have made life hard for him, but as a family we're working daily to encourage him and push him. Your encouragement, structure, and kindness have been so important to him and us and I hope that this is something he will find some personal success and satisfaction in so that he will stick with it.

In short, we have been blessed by your presence in Blaine's life.

Jessica Lyon

My 8 year old son and I recently started training at SOLFLO Jiu Jitsu and are thrilled to be here. All of the coaches, particularly Coach Ryan Walden, offer safe, detail oriented instruction in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, conditioning, wrestling, and Muay Thai kickboxing. The environment is warm, positive, and nurturing. Although I am extremely overweight and in my 40′s, I’m learning new skills, losing weight, and most importantly, not getting hurt in the process. I’ve done martial arts and combat sports before, but I thought my training days were behind me. SOLFLO’s intelligent, methodical, and safety-first approach has inspired me to pick it up again. My son, in particular, leaves every class with an endorphin high and a smile on his face. In only three weeks, he has lost weight and made noticeable gains in strength and agility. The training and positive reinforcement has given him a huge boost in confidence and self-esteem. SOLFLO’s rates are more than reasonable. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, the facility is clean and spacious, and the environment couldn’t be any more positive. I can’t say enough about SOLFLO Jiu Jitsu. They’re the best thing that’s happened to Lafayette in years.
-Guillermo Xegerra

SOLFLO has great teachers, great crew of students, the kids classes are phenomenal! Can't say enough about this place!
-Scott Nickell

Great martial arts school! The instructors are extremely skilled yet down-to-earth. Everyone is friendly and makes a new person feel welcome. Not only am I learning something, I'm having fun too!
-Jen Z
This place is amazing! Friendly and welcoming to folks of all ages and abilities. I highly recommend it. Our family loves it there.
-Sennen Miller Knauer
Coaches, class flow, atmosphere, commitment to the students, attitude, ideals. I am inspired by these people, in this place. *palms pressed* Gratitude.
 -Kathleen Clark

I've trained at a handful of studios in a couple of different states and only made it 6 months tops before quitting. Wether it was a combative approach to teaching, drama within the school or injury, there were always factors that began making me question if I was looking for something that didn't exist in a martial arts school- or if I just didn't have what it took to be a practitioner of BJJ. My desire was there but a studio with the right fit seemed to elude me.


Then I walked into SolFlo


Coach Erica Walden spent almost an hour on the phone with me listening to the challenges I've had, my reservations about training somewhere new, and my desire to be part of a studio my whole family could join. She encouraged me to visit the studio and only do as much as I was comfortable with. Whether that was observing, participating or doing the 30 day trial.

I came in for the 30 day trial and was immediately impressed with the family friendly atmosphere at Sol Flo. Professor Ryan Walden quickly introduced himself and was very friendly, encouraging and passionate about BJJ. The students went out of their way to talk to me and make me feel welcome and all of the coaches had a hand in helping me shed some of the baggage I walked in with as I began to embrace Jiu Jitsu once again.

One of the criteria I judged a school on was making sure it was a safe environment not just for myself but for my children. After a month of training under Professor Ryan Walden and his talented team of coaches, and after observing the kids program, I knew SolFlo was going to be a place we could settle in as a family, and train together for years to come.

You often read reviews about 'no egos' and 'family friendly' but this was the first studio I've attended and could actually see those qualities day to day. Our children have been part of the kids program for 2 years and it is still something they look forward to. Each of them had goals they've set for themselves and been encouraged to work toward and seeing them reach those goal is priceless as a parent. Jiu Jitsu isn't something we have to drag them to or something the dread attending... instead, its something they delight in.

They've made friends with other students, made significant gains athletically and technically, and most of all...they've have fun doing it.

Professor Ryan has been fundamental in my journey beyond the second stripe I had on my white belt when I walked into SolFlo. He's been patient, thought provoking, and has been willing to walk down different paths on his journey to help his students as we each seek to find our own way. Watching his competitions, you see that the Jiu Jitsu he teaches is extremely effective and he is quite skilled at imparting his knowledge to his students. He's not dogmatic about the way we learn and encourages all of us to take hold of Jiu Jitsu and make it our own. Its also encouraging to see that he himself is still a student of the game and brings passion and excitement to the mats.

I could write so much more about how strongly I feel toward SolFlo but the biggest endorsment I can offer is that our family has been here for over two years now and doesn't plan on going anywhere else. If you're looking for a family friendly studio with high quality authentic Jiu Jitsu for you or your kids, try SolFlo and experience the community we call home.

-Brian Miller

A great place to train that produces champions on & off the mat.
-Tim M.

Great Jiu-Jitsu program! Great friendly atmosphere. Highly recommend!
-Ryan Royal

We absolutely LOVE this place! Everyone is very respectful and team oriented. Instruction is top notch. I would recommend SOLFLO Jiu Jitsu to anyone without reservation.
-Yulia R.

This gym is amazing! They offer something for the whole family. My children love the little lions class for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I love the boxing and women's BJJ classes. My husband lives the MMA meta fit! They have the best coaches! Professor Mario and Professor Ryan are the best! Give this place a try. You'll love it!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has the ability build confidence, calmness, strength (both inner and outer), stamina, and character. In order to realize these benefits however, you must have the right coaches and teammates. And that is exactly what you’ll find at SOLFLO. This is a true family environment that starts at the top and is felt through all coaches and members. Every single coach at this gym cares about your personal development both on and off the mat, and everyone I have trained with shares the same values: A sense of building a better person, a better community and therefore having a positive impact on our world. Coach Ryan Walden has made such an impact in my life in all areas, whether it’s in business, with my family or even strangers. Not to mention the world class Jiu Jitsu instruction. Stop in and meet some of the staff and members and you will see why this gym is quickly making a mark in the Boulder/Denver area.
-Julia Rosa

As a former professional lacrosse player who retired from my sport a few years ago, I was searching for a new athletic endeavor that could challenge me. Through a close friend, I was introduced to Ryan Walden at SOLFLO Jiu Jitsu and I started going to my first month of jiu-jitsu classes. I immediately fell in love with the practice!
First off, Ryan is an awesome coach who creates a safe and instructive atmosphere. Everyone under Ryan is extremely respectful and encouraging to their instructor and their fellow classmates. It is a great community of people for these reasons.
Secondly, the practice of jiu-jitsu is incredibly inspiring. I wish that I had found it long ago as an athlete as I feel myself getting stronger, quicker, more flexible and in better overall shape than ever at the age of 33. It is also a mentally challenging practice that has increased my focus, motivation, discipline and connection with others.
If you are looking for a practice that will help you develop as a person on all levels, then jiu-jitsu is the way to go. On top of that, there is no better place to learn than SOLFLO Jiu Jitsu.
-Trevor Tierney

This place is awesome!! Great instruction, safe and welcoming environment, and lots of classes to choose from. I've learned so much and am excited to keep going! Definitely check it out, you won't be disappointed!
-Clinton-Pahtyana Moore
I felt welcomed from the moment I stepped in the door. Wonderful group of dedicated instructors with a love for martial arts. Family environment, beautiful facility, and lots of room for future growth. Can't wait to see all this gym will accomplish, and happy to be a part of it!
-Ashley Rudolph Acord
Great teachers! i feel the best bjj teachers in the state. Also, the environment is clean and welcoming. Bjj is most definitely a way of life and this school represents the art at it's best for sure. check it out and see for yourself.
-Aaron Lazar
This is a wonderful dojo. Large and always clean space, most classes are taught by numerous black belts (even beginner and kids' ones), muay thai and boxing classes do not overlap with bjj ones (so that you can study both ground and standing defense), unlike many dojos in the area that run bjj and muay thai classes simultaneously, which not only forces you to pick one over the other, but also cuts mat space in half during the class, making it rather crowded. Very friendly ego-free atmosphere. Prices are VERY competitive. Great place to learn martial arts!
-Hugo H.

I previously trained at another gym before going to Sol Flo. And honestly my opinion of other gyms was not that good. I have a passion for BJJ I may not be that advanced, but I do have that drive to always learn and improve. I started going to Sol Flo in late March. I have never felt so welcomed in my life. Each person in this gym truly matters. It may seem a little bit absurd, but the fact that Coach Ryan, Erica and Professor Mario Correa remember your name after the first time meeting you. Shows that you are a valued part of the team. No matter your skill level. When I started at Sol Flo I weighed 192lbs. After almost 3 months there I am now down too 178lbs. If you are looking to get into shape, or just staying active. This is the gym for you. It is also perfect for kids as they do have BJJ for them. I have seen first hand the wonders it can do for young children and their confidence. Please check out Sol Flo Jiu Jitsu, you won’t regret it.
-Jackson Torres

By the end of 2011 I was feeling anxious about my health. I was 27 and weighed over three hundred pounds. I went through most of my days feeling tired and lazy. My blood pressure was through the roof and I was avoiding a visit to the doctor because I knew what he would tell me: “Shape up or go on blood pressure medication!” My twenties were supposed to be the prime of my life but I felt like I was middle aged. I always told myself that one day I would take my health seriously. I was sure that eventually I would muster the will needed to make a change, but as the years went by, the weight packed on and I became more and more unhealthy. The reality of making a change was seeming more and more like an unrealistic dream, more and more like a fantasy with each day that passed without any effort invested. I was depressed and looking for anything to get me on track. In December of 2011 I was turned on to plant based eating which was allowing me to start the process of losing weight increasing my energy levels so that I could start working out. I always had trouble sticking with a normal exercise routine. Weight lifting bored me and I could never seem to stick with a running regimen.  I wanted to channel my energy and excitement into something new and interesting  that I could stick with and enjoy long term, so I enrolled in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes. The first month gave me quite a work out! I was sore and humbled but I was also addicted! This started me on a path that along with proper diet has made me healthier, happier and more confident. As I write this I have dropped 120 pounds and all of my vital stats have improved from my blood sugar to my blood pressure and most importantly I am happier than I have ever been. I feel fortunate to be exposed to BJJ. It has acted as a catalyst to self improvement and now I feel that anything is possible.
-Dennis Verrall